About Me

About Me

“I love food and people.”

But here’s a little more detail . . .

I’m a chef, recipe developer, kitchen coach and lover of all things food.  For decades, I’ve been helping people learn to cook or relearn to cook based on their newly diagnosed eating restrictions.  I juggle quite a few titles but my favorite above all is “Volunteer.”  I volunteer teach cooking classes to Veterans that are living in transitional homes.  We focus on simple, healthy and budget friendly recipes.  I started off as a single volunteer and now I have two friends helping me on a regular basis and it’s my goal to see that number continue to grow. 

I know not everyone is able to show up on a regular basis but I have been blessed with many friends donating food, kitchen supplies, clothes and even furniture.  The decision I made one day to teach a cooking class has created a small ripple of kindness.  I want to see that ripple continue to grow and spread farther and wider than just my immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues.

Enter User Friendly Kitchen.  This is where I can use my love of cooking to grow that ripple of kindness to infinity.  I’m building this website to help you the user learn how to make simple, healthy and affordable meals.  In return for your time on my website, I will donate a percentage of all income earned through this site to organizations that help feed the homeless and educate low income families on food and nutrition.  So every time someone visits User Friendly Kitchen, they become part of the ripple of kindness.  By visiting my site today, you have hopefully found a recipe guide to help you in the kitchen and you have also helped contribute to feeding someone who is hungry. 


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